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      WUXI hai   long airtight technology   Co.,Ltd   specialise   in   manufacturing   airtight   zipper,inflatable   dummy   targets.As   a   professional   custome   waterproof   zipper   manufacturer   ,our   products   are   widely   used   in   military   products,   protection   suit   ,   Gym   lie   fallow   fields   ect   .Excellent   quality,reasonable   price,goods   serveice   and   we   have   enjoyed   great   popularity   both   at   home   and   abroad.Our   products   has   applied   to   military   field   all   the   time.

        We   have   CR   rubber   zipper,   PVC   zipper   and   TPU   zipper.   These   are   all   airtight   and   water-proof   zippers.   Kinds   of   the   zippers   we   have   open   end,   closed   end,   U   shape,   separate   zippers.

        We   have   our   own   engineers,   designers,   technicians.   We   pay   attention   on   the   developing   and   quality   of   our   products.

        Features   for   the   zipper   are   acid   resistant,   alkali-resisting,   oil   proof   and   corrosion   resistant.