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Military   aspects:

Aviation   engine,   launch   device,   weapons   and   ammunition,   explosives   and   the   rockets,   chemicals   clothing,   aircraft,   missiles,   an   important   tool   of   weapons   and   equipment   seal   flexible   packaging,   inflatable   simulation   model.                              

Protective   clothing   categories:

Heat   preservation   suits,   suits,   diving   suits,   used   for   submarine   escape   suits,   reduced   pressure   suits,   dangerous   prevent   suits,   prevent   pollution   radiation   protection   suits,   serve   for   the   water   slide   craft's   simple   clothes,   etc.                                                                            


The   sports   leisure   class:

Water   walk   ball,   inflatable   tents,   hovercraft,   hot   air   balloon,   eaves   sails;   The   characteristics   of   the   water   seal   zipper   decided   it   is   extraordinary,   extensive   and   important   use   value.   Must   be   kept   sealed   structures   such   as   the   lock   of   the   gas   chamber,   water   walk   ball,   tents,   life   raft,   survival   gear,   the   ship   was   born   utensils,   ship,   pollutants   abandoned   bags,   cover   things,   sterilization   packaging,   isolate   the   hovercraft,   water   bed   etc.