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Instructions for Using and Maintaining Airtight Zipper
No matter for what you choose our airtight zipper, once you choose it, maintenance is required. SEA-OX zipper is an exact metal set, so it should be kept well in a clean and lubricative state as well as it has a strict criterion for operation and maintenance. The proper operation and good maintenance will ensure that the SEA-OX airtight zipper can be used for a long time. Foreign data indicates that the proper use will guarantee SEA-OX airtight zipper more than eight years life-span.

Fixing instructions of airtight zipper:
★The zipper shall be fixed after laying off products. During the fixing, ensure that the direction of pull is along the line of the metal teeth..
★When fixing the zipper, gumwater cannot be smeared on inner rack rail or outer rack rail. Otherwise, the gasproof of airtight zipper will be broken or the zipper will be damaged for it is astringent when zipping it. If gumwater is smeared on the zipper immodestly, use a soft cloth with thinner to clean off the gumwater.

Using instructions of airtight zipper:
★Before using the zipper, please use clean water or brush to clean off the dust or bedload attaching on two sides of the zipper, because these adhesive materials will influence gasproof of the zipper and even damage the zipper.
★When zipping the zipper, you must zip the pull head along the rack rail. If you zip it slanting, the rack rails will not in anastomosis with each other, then the gasproof will be reduced, and the zipper may even be damaged.
★Zipping velocity shall be controlled within 10-15m/min. Don't zip it again and again for a long time, in order to avoid the pull head being euthermic which will lead it to be astringent or be damaged.
★If clothes or cloth lock the zipper, you should zip the pull head back a little, and remove the things, then zip it slowing. Be sure to keep in mind that don't pull it rudely, or the zipper will be damaged.
★If the zipper is fixed on the back or the flank of the clothes, you must zip it with other's assistance.  

★After using the zipper, you shall use clean water or brush to clean off the dust or bedload attaching on two sides of the zipper, then open the zipper, and clean the inside. Try your best to avoid feculency entering inner rack rail, which will reduce gasproof or damage the zipper.
★After using and cleaning the zipper, you shall smear the beeswax on outer rack rail, and zip it back and forth for several times to ensure that the zipper is lubricative next time. But the beeswax only can be smeared on outer rack rail, if you smear it on inner rack rail, the gasproof will be reduced.
★If airtight zipper you need is more than four meters, we advise you adopt double pull head to avoid superfluous abrasion.

Preservation instructions of airtight zipper:
★For the airtight zipper in store, you shall keep it be open in shady and cool area.
★For the airtight zipper is stored for a long time, you should keep it in a close case far away from ventilated area to avoid the rock rail being oxidized and changing color.
★After fixing airtight zipper on the clothes or other products, under non-working state, you shall keep the zipper be open with wax in shady and cool area.