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Curve zipper

Curve zipper



specificationTechnical   specifications   of   8#   U”   airtight   zipper

Testing   item

Enterprise   Standard

Slider   fastener   breadth


Chain   width


Chain   tension   strength

Minimum:   400N/in

Slider   action   docking

Minimum:   175N

Slider   block   break   strength

Minimum:   450N

Airproof   performance   test

Minimum:   200Kpa

Slider   action   closing


Slip   strength

Maximum:   55N

Reciprocating   times

Minimum:   300times


1)   The   chain   tension   strength   testing   method   is   to   select   a   section   of   the   zipper   not   less   than   60mm   and   nip   25mm   from   the   section.   The   distance   from   top   to   chain   element   should   not   exceed   10mm   and   the   slide   velocity   should   be   110mm/min.
2)   Reciprocating   tests   require   the   zipper   length   within   1.0m   and   slide   velocity   within   10-15m/min.
3)   Please   specify   your   special   requirements   for   usage   when   ordering   the   products.